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Wilpattu NP safari Sri Lanka
Massive Arjun trees line the lakes of Wilpattu, adding character to the scenery

Spanning an area of 1317 square km, Wilpattu is the largest national park in Sri Lanka. It spreads along the western coastline, from the entrance of the Puttalam lagoon and almost all the way to the peninsula of Mannar, encompassing a large portion of the coastline of the Gulf of Mannar. The park gets its name from the 60 or so natural lakes or ‘villus’, a striking feature for an island otherwise absent of natural lakes. These sand rimmed shallow depressions gather rainwater from the Northeastern monsoon as well as the intermonsoon seasons and are able to sustain the lush forests that line their banks.  Wilpattu is one of Sri Lanka’s oldest National Parks, and its forests much older, their tales leading back to the very beginnings of the Sinhalese race.

The abundance of water throughout most of the year and the immense forest cover support many species of wildlife. While being famous for its  Leopard population, the park is also home to Elephants, Bears and many all the other megafauna that are found in Sri Lanka. The lakes and the long stretch of coastline provides a home for many wintering birds and good viewing opportunities for all kinds of wildlife, not to mention stunning backdrops for photographs.

For nature lovers, the best thing about Wilpattu is that while being such a large park with good opportunities to see animals, Wilpattu never gets as crowded as Yala NP. This makes for much more quiet jeep rides, slow paces, less dust and most importantly absence of overcrowding animals. Personally, it is our second favourite National Park (Horton Plains NP takes the cake! 😊) and we believe it takes a full day to do it justice! The park can be visited throughout the year, but the best month to visit are February and October.


60USDper group

Group Size : 1 – 6 pax

What's included?

  • Jeep ride from 6.00 am – 6.00 pm (12 hours inside the park)
  • Experienced Walking With Wolves driver/ tracker

Hire a Walking With Wolves naturalist for $35 US per group

  • For an additional $35 US per group, you can hire a Walking With Wolves naturalist for 12 hours.
  • All our naturalists are fluent English speakers and very enthusiastic about teaching people the flora and fauna that you may encounter during your safari.
  • They also act as an extra tracker/ spotter
  • With our naturalist, you will also be getting a pair of binoculars to use, field guide books for reference and copies of telescopic photographs and videos of wildlife encounters from your safari.

What's NOT included?

  • Entrance tickets for National Park. (Tickets can be purchased at the entrance gate)
  • Meals and refreshments

Pickup & Drop location

  • Hunuwilgama entrance (Main gate)

Starting time

  • Starting time : 6.00 am


  • 12 hours inside the park (Till 6 pm)

What to bring

  • Breakfast/ Snacks
  • Lunch – We will be having lunch at one of two picnic areas inside the park (near the beach, or near the river)
  • Water
  • Binoculars.


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