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About Sri Lanka

Lonely Planet's BEST IN TRAVEL 2019!!

And for many good reasons too! Its a gorgeous tropical island with heaps to see and can be covered even in a very short time. With the booming of the tourist industry, infrastructure is developing, travelling is getting easier and safer while information is getting more transparent. From golden beaches, rolling mountains, ancient cities, a plethora of wildlife, adventures for adrenaline junkies and a colourful cuisine for food lovers, Sri Lanka has something for all kinds of travellers – and more importantly – on all kinds of budgets! Here’s everything you need to know about Sri Lanka before visiting the island of serendipity.

Polonnaruwa Gal Wiharaya


From prehistoric caves to ancient cities and colonial fortresses, Sri Lanka’s unique history is a treasure trove with more than enough attractions to tickle even the most hardcore history buff.

Kandyan Dancers


Immerse yourself in Sri Lanka’s rich and colourful culture while enjoying your experience with some of the world’s most hospitable and carefree people.

Gal Oya National Park


The word ‘serendipity’ comes from an ancient name for Sri Lanka – ‘Serendib’. While relaxing on a golden sand beach, trekking through a deep jungle or hiking up a misty mountain, here you will experience the true meaning of that word.

Minneriya Elephant Safari


Where else can you cruise beside Blue Whales and Dolphins in the morning and watch herds of Elephants and prowling Leopards as you ride a safari jeep into the sunset in the evening? Find out why the small island of Sri Lanka is the BEST wildlife destination in the world!

White Water Rafting Kithulgala


For thrill seekers and outdoor explorers, Sri Lanka has a variety of challenging and fun adventure activities. With your own personal instructors travelling with you, WALKING WITH WOLVES lets you take on the most hardcore activities and have a barrel of fun whilst ensuring your safety.

Scooter Ride


When travelling to a new place, preparation is always key to ensure that you have a smooth trip. Keep reading to understand Sri Lanka a bit better before you travel there and learn certain things that you need to know before arriving.